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Episode #053 Changing Your Performance and Your Penis with Dr. Judson Brandeis 

For most men, sexual performance is one where, no pun intended, men go to great lengths for an extra inch or two. Men also compare themselves with others in regards to sexual stamina, girth and so on. Some even get alterations that are dangerous and ineffective in the long run. Today we are talking today about PE, Penis diseases, delayed ejaculation the P Shot and penis elongation.  These topics are topics people don’t typically like talking about. We are addressing them with a board-certified urologist

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Episode #052 Bio-hacking the Aging Penis: Addressing Erectile Dysfunction with Dr. Judson Brandeis 

Today I have Dr Judson Brandeis on the show to talk about preventing erectile dysfunction and managing it if you experience it already. He even has some options of joining cutting edge  research that could help you with your ED…

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Episode #041 Masturbation, Values and Kids with Natasha Helfer-Parker, MFT, CST

Masturbation, There are a lot of euphemisms for the word that makes many people uncomfortable to talk about. Let’s face it, many parents are worried about what it means if their child masturbates. If you are a parent who wants to be able to support your child in building values around masturbation while also avoiding shaming them then this episode is for you. Braxton and Natasha Heifer-Parker, MFT, CST are here.

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Episode #039 Parent Advocacy in the NICU with Devin and Cami

Have you been to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for a baby? Do you know someone who’s there right now with their child or has been there with their baby? chances are it was a scary situation, unplanned, and difficult to understand what was happening. Devin and Cami found themselves in this situations on a couple of occasions.

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Episode #038 Fighting Shame with Compassion Lennie Knowlton, CMHC

“Shame, shame I know your name” A saying that can be heard in grade schools all across America (At lease it was for me when I was there in the 90’s). I would be willing to bet there is some version of this is said in schools across the world. The interesting part is “I know your name.” Implying “I can tell others and they will know your secret.” Isn’t this the truth? Shame thrives in secrecy and if it ever gets out? It feels like worst thing that could ever happen! We all have experienced shame

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Episode #037 Using Manipulation Techniques for Good with Peter Monson

Peter Monson was trained as a US Army interrogator and works in politics and communications. He has a simple and effective way of teaching us how to identify harmful manipulation and how to use supportive and win/win manipulation techniques. We often see Manipulation in only a negative light. However, in this episode we identify ways you can use manipulation to benefit your relationship, improve your win/win situations with your children, and get what you want without

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Episode #036 Signs Your Partner is Manipulating You with Peter Monson

How would you like to know when you’re being manipulated? Have you ever felt like you were manipulated in a relationship? Chances are you, and everyone else you know has felt manipulated at one time or another. What if I were to tell you that you’re being manipulated right now? Yes, the people you interact with on a daily basis are manipulating you! But wait, there’s more

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Episode #035 From Ashes to the Phoenix  with Robert and Kelsey 

Frequently couples ask themselves “do I want to keep doing this? Is it worth it? When do I know when to end the relationship?” These are difficult questions to ask because we are facing two different fears. Fear of missing out, and fear of lost time. We either fear losing a relationship that could be GREAT because we “stopped three feet from gold” or…

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Episode #033 Mindfulness Made Sexy with Dr. Jenn

“I don’t have much of a drive to have sex. How can I want to have sex?” Variations of this questions come into my office quite frequently. Other questions consist of some form of “I’m not as into it as I want to be/feel like I should be.” These questions are hard to answer because each person has different experiences, histories, relationships, expectations etc. Today Dr. Jenn is going to explore one of the main steps you can take to address how your libido is affected by…

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Episode #032 Making Peace with Your Body with Reva Cook, LCSW

“Look younger, feel stronger, lose that stubborn belly fat…” Sound familiar?? Of course it does. These are the themes we see in commercial sales all over the world. The themes are meant to offer solutions to problems we have with our body. The trick…

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Episode #030 Couples By Intention with Elliott Kronenfeld, LICSW, CST

It’s a question people frequently ask themselves “what will make this relationship last?” or “why don’t my relationships work out?” For each question like this there are THOUSANDS of articles, old wives tales, and best friend “advice” for the answer. Whether you stay up to…

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Episode #029 Delayed Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction with Shannon Hickman, LCSW, CST

Many men are concerned about how long they can “last” during a sexual experience. Many equate “lasting a long time” with increased pleasure for their partner and an overall bragging rights as “a man.” What happens when you are unable to ejaculate? or…

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Episode #028 Understanding Premature Ejaculation

It’s not uncommon for men to be worried about how long they should last in bed. It really has become a pop culture joke and “burn” to insult someone on how long they can last in bed. Popular shows like “Friends” and “How I Met Your Mother” frequently jab at…
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Episode #027 Period Positivity with April Davis

Birds and Bees speak with April Davis about menstruation. This episode is for all of the hive-mates not just the ones who are female-bodied. That’s right guys this one is for you too! Braxton Dutson talks with April about menstrual cups, PMS, benefits to tracking your cycle,…
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#026 What You Can Do About Sex Trafficking with Stacey Diane A. Litam Ph.D

Episode #26 What You Can Do about Sex Trafficking Stacey Diane A. Litam Ph.D. is back on the show to help us understand how to recognize and respond if you suspect someone is being trafficked or if someone has been trafficked. In this second episode, of a two part series, Stacey lists the signs someone…

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Episode #025 Understanding Sex Trafficking with Stacey Diane A. Litam Ph.D.

Braxton interviews Stacey Diane A. Litam Ph.D. to better understand sex trafficking. In this first episode, of a two part series, Stacey defines human trafficking and who is at risk for sex trafficking, the risk factors, and recent research in sex trafficking. Braxton and Stacey…

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Episode #024 Forge Your Fatherhood Game-Plan

Happy Father’s Day!! On this special Father’s Day podcast Braxton Dutson talks with Monica Ashton about making a fatherhood game plan. Fathers are frequently left out of the discussion when talking about the first few years of a child’s life. Braxton and Monica talk about the important role fathers…

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Episode #023 Love, Mediocre to Extraordinary

Nate Bagley is on a mission. A mission to rid the world of mediocre love. Today Braxton Dutson LCSW, CST meets with Nate to hear the lessons he has learned from powerful couples and professionals through his journey to improve love in relationships. Nate created the…

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#022 Lighten up “The Talk”

Episode #022 Lighten Up “The Talk” with Kim Cook, RN, CHES In this episode Birds and Bees talks about how Kim Cook, became a sex educator and nurse. Her path in becoming a sex educator and publishing a book titled “Teen World Confidential.” Braxton explores the challenges parents face when bringing up “the talk”…

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#021 Teaching Values in Sexual Health

Al Vernacchio speaks candidly with Braxton about a topic that affects children and teens significantly, values and sexual health. Al is a sex educator who has over 25 years working with teen, parents and sexual health education. He demonstrates ways parents can identify what values they have about…

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#020 Sex and Infertility

Today’s episode is a special release because it is the last week in April. The last week of April being infertility awareness week. This week was dedicated to infertility awareness by back in 1989 to bring awareness to this medical issue. Dealing with infertility is more than being unable to have children…

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#019 Snowplow Parenting with Jessie Shepherd, LCMHC

Have you ever heard of tiger moms? Maybe helicopter parenting? Well, today we are covering a new form of parenting that can negatively impact your child’s development, snowplow parenting. Braxton Dutson sits down with Jessie The Therapist once again, this time to explore the unhelpful parenting actions of…

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#018 Exploring Polyamory with Chad Anderson, LCSW

Have you ever thought about “opening up” your relationship? Maybe you have been curious about what to prepare for emotions such as jealousy, loneliness, and confusion. Maybe you feel you’re more “monogamish” than monogamous or non-manogamous. If you have found yourself with some of these questions…

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#017 Understanding Eating Disorders with Jessie Shepherd, LCMHC

Braxton met with Jessie Shepherd, LCMHC, AKA Jessie The Therapist, to learn about eating disorders and their purpose. Jessie is the owner of Blue Clover Therapy, Co-Host of Get Yourself Together podcast. Jessie and Braxton explore the different diagnosis that she works with and how she…

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